What is landscape curbing?

Decorative Landscape Curbing is the only permanent edging that is both highly attractive and cost-effective, and yet has the versatility to please the most discriminating taste. Produced by a unique, automated process, decorative curbing compliments any landscape setting. 545 Lawn Care is a leader in the industry and can provide landscape curbing in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne county.

Why choose decorative curbing?

  • Installation is quick & easy, with little or no mess
  • Multiples uses and a variety of colors and customization available. Get inspiration from our lawn edging ideas.
  • It’s permanent and maintenance-free
  • Reduces trimming and edging time and saves money by preserving bedding materials
  • Prevents erosion and helps irrigate expensive flowers and plants
  • Provides barriers for roots and borders for grass, patios, & driveways
  • Other edging products rust, rot, break and shift-but curbing remains vibrant for the life of your landscape!
  • 5 step process to ensure each job meets our top quality standard.
  • ONE YEAR material and installation warranty on all of our work.

How we install Landscape Curbing

Have a curbing project in mind?

Landscape Curbing Process

  • In our initial meeting, we’ll get a feel for the vision you have for your lawn. We’ll offer our expert suggestions, and you’ll be able to see and touch samples of our materials.
  • After we’ve established a plan for your landscape curbing, we will mark the pattern and cut a trench to allow for the installation, while maintaining the integrity of your plants.
  • We will then mix the concrete on site to ensure you receive the exact material you picked out in the initial meeting, including color and pattern.
  • The concrete is then moved to the extruding machine that forms the desired edges.
  • Finally, our professionals finish the job by hand. That means we’ll go through the edging to stamp out your desired pattern and cut control joints to protect your new curbing from ground movement. We will then apply a sealer to make sure you get many years out of your eye-catching new curbing.

Care and Maintenance for Landscape Curbing

 545 Lawn Care, Inc. provides an attractive, durable product that will last for years. Our guidelines are created to outline the proper care you should take while your new curb cures. By using these guidelines it will help ensure great looking curbing for years to come.

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